The project aims at  developing basic skills and entrepreneurship education .  Poor reading literacy is often the cause of becoming underprivileged and destitute individuals, lost in inapprehension of rules and procedures of the modern world. In the last decades, ICT competences add to basic skills as well as web portals are increasingly used in everyday life.

Reading skills are not meant to be developed per se, but in connection with the developing of social, civic and ICT skills and upgrading with eTwinning project. Book clubs will be established and students will read  in their mother tongue (fourteen-year-olds will read for example Jana Frey’s Der verlorene Blick. Lena, the main hero, lost her sight in an accident.) After the story has been read, the students will travel, virtually, across Europe, particularly through partnership countries. They will produce various electronic materials, which will be available to all partner via eTwinning. Perhaps a school outside our partnership will join in. The materials will include presentations of students, country and school presentations, activities in the countries and places, where they will travel virtually. They will describe Europe to Lena, so she will be able to feel all the beauties of the countryside and the pulse of life there. Other group of students will transform into Lena and will write her diary in the form of a blog, where they will report her feelings.

Entrepreneurship education has been relatively new in Slovenian and other schools. Students will carry out various entrepreneurial processes from the starting idea to its execution and financial realisation. Students will learn, plan the process, look for different possibilities of execution and provide the financial input for the result in question. They will accept responsibility for the use of resources and the risk of success or failure. Entrepreneurship education will be connected to individual responsibility for the benefit of the underprivileged children. Proceeds from the Erasmus+ bazaar will go to a Bulgarian orphanage which will motivate us for a maximizing result. The focus Bolgarskega srečanja will be to encourage entrepreneurship spirit and show through practice that education is needed to implement business ideas in real life. To srečanje pa ne bo imelo humanega  značaja le zaradi donacije, pač pa bodo v delavnicah sodelovali tudi učenci centres for students with disabilities, special educational needs, and students deprived of parents’ care, as well as of different ethnicities and minority groups.

Intensive and condensed development of social and civic competences in theory and through  experience so glavni cilj learning and teaching activity, ki bo  organizirana v Sloveniji.  On the first day the students will do the questionnaire  which will evaluate their understanding and knowledge of basic civic principles, human rights and common knowledge about European Union. In the workshops that will follow, the students  will, in smaller groups , upgrade their knowledge and understanding. At the end of the camp the initial questionnaire will be repeated and the progress evaluated. Considerable progress is expected for two reasons. First, the work intensitivity and incessancy on the topics and second, a week of cohabitation and company of young Europeans.

Civic competences are  taught within the curriculum but never with such intensity and brevity. This time we aim at more different and attractive strategy. When thinking of upgrading social competences and  developing awareness of ethical values, it is clearly understandable, that they should be tackled in experiental environment. Every personal experience counts. Living Europe in a smaller scale, even for only a week, will undoubtedly be more effective than learning in the usual way in home countries.